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Matt’s Meticulous Landscaping grew out of my enjoyment of the outdoors and my approximately eight years of work in my youth at a nursery in both the spring and summer times where I prepared plants and shrubs for sale.  At the time, I was doing this to contribute to my very large family (I am one of 10 children!) but it was always work that I found very gratifying.


Although I went on to work in IT for a number of years, I felt drawn to return to a craft that literally allows me to dig in and get my hands dirty!

I firmly believe in treating my customers fairly and honestly, and I plan with them to provide the results they seek.  I take great pride in working hard and in successfully creating landscapes my clients will enjoy.

My company is locally owned, personally operated, and fully insured.  My services include mowing and planting during the appropriate seasons, spring and fall cleanups, and snow removal during the winter months.

I’d like to thank both my present and my future customers for your business.  It is a pleasure to serve you, and I value your trust in my service.  I’ll always do all that is in my power to fulfill your needs and to exceed your expectations.  I hope you’ll always think of Matt’s Meticulous Landscaping for all of your lawn and snow related needs.

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