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Clearing branches and small trees from your property can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Having debris surrounding your home can take away from the beauty of your property and, in very extreme cases, take away from your home’s value. Don’t let those invasive weeds, trees, and vines take control of your outdoor space.

Unlike other companies, Matt’s Meticulous Landscaping won't simply come in with heavy earth moving equipment and bulldoze everything causing more harm than good. I will carefully remove overgrown brush removing what you dont want, while leaving and re-shaping what you want to keep (or in some cases what you didn't remember was even there) leaving your property restored to its original beauty that you didn't think was possible to have again!

Take back your overgrown property today!

Contact Matt’s Meticulous Landscaping to learn more about my brush removal services at (203) 584-0272.

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